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Kumuola Project

Established in 2021 Kumuola is a 501c3 registered in the state of Hawaii. Its mission is to support Native Hawaiian’s in creating self-employment, financial education and housing.

Kumuola Programs

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Pilot Program



About the
Kumuola Pilot Program

The purpose of the pilot program is to determine if plants that are in high demand in the US, and indigineous to the warm Pacific, can be successfully grown in the Hawaiian islands. The pilot program’s team includes academic researcher advisors in pharmacology, horticulture & agriculture.

The project is an agricultural program designed to provide a path for Native Hawaiians to gain employment, qualify for Hawaiian Homelands, and generate income from farm owners. The program will provide jobs, financial resources and assistance. Native Hawaiians enrolled in the program will work towards developing their land to cultivate a unique crop indigenous to the warm Pacific. Income from the harvest will provide a path to securing loans to construct homes on their own land.

Kumuola Research Programs

The project focuses on plant pharmacology research. The projects goal is to conduct preclinical research for its medicinal benefits. The research is set to begin this summer to provide a path for clinical trials.


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Technical Assistance and Farmer Education Outreach

Regularly scheduled workshops are part of the technical assistance provided to farmers by Kumuola. Farmers enrolled in the program can also access our Online Learning Resource Libraries.

Farm Planning

Farm Planning Programs are desgined by our partners and accesible through our workshops and online.

Labor Management

Labor Management programs are provided by our partners. These tools are also accesible in our resources library.

Product Safety

Kumuola & Partners take a proactive approach to provide resource material along with industry alerts for it’s farmers.

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Education Programs

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