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About the
Kumuola Project

Founded in 2021, Kumuola, a 501(c)(3) organization registered in Hawaii, is dedicated to empowering Pacific Islanders by fostering self-sufficiency, financial literacy, and stable housing. We accomplish this through the development and support of flourishing agricultural programs within their communities.

Cultivating Futures: A Pilot Project for Sustainable Agricultural Practices in the Pacific

Agricultural farming, especially of indigenous plants, play a pivotal role in the economic and cultural life of Pacific communities.  This pilot project focuses on harnessing optimal and sustainable cultivation methods to ensure both the prosperity and longevity of traditional agricultural practices. Key aspects of successful farming include choosing locales with fertile soil and adequate shade, adopting responsible cultivation techniques, and implementing practices that prioritize environmental conservation. By adhering to these best practices, the project aims to assure a stable, safe, and sustainable supply of agricultural produce while simultaneously safeguarding the environment and preserving vital farming traditions for future generations.

Kumuola Programs

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Pilot Program



About the
Kumuola Pilot Program

The aim of the pilot program is to explore the feasibility of cultivating plants, indigenous to the warm Pacific and in high demand in the US. Encompassing a team of academic research advisors with expertise in pharmacology, horticulture, and agriculture from esteemed institutions, the program endeavors to fuse traditional and modern agricultural knowledge to foster successful growth in the region.

The initiative is an agricultural endeavor crafted to carve a pathway towards employment and revenue through farm ownership. This program aims to furnish employment opportunities, financial resources, and expertise in premier farming methodologies. Participants will engage in cultivating their land, focusing on the growth of distinctive crops indigenous to the warm Pacific region. The income derived from these harvests will lay a foundational platform for securing loans, enabling them to build homes on their ancestral lands.

Kumuola Research Programs

The project will prioritize pharmacology research, essential for paving the way toward preclinical trials. Our emphasis is on utilizing plants known for their inherent medicinal properties. 


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Technical Assistance and Farmer Education Outreach

Kumuola offers regularly scheduled workshops as a component of the technical support provided to farmers. Additionally, those enrolled in the program have access to our Online Learning Resource Libraries.

Farm Planning

Farm Planning Programs are desgined by our partners and accesible through our workshops and online.

Labor Management

Labor Management programs are provided by our partners. These tools are also accesible in our resources library.

Product Safety

Kumuola & Partners take a proactive approach to provide resource material along with industry alerts for it’s farmers.

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